Current works in progress

At the present time I have several articles in progress. Two are op-ed pieces. Neither are likely to go anywhere, but I am writing them anyway, just to see what happens. The one is left over from a year ago. A reaction to a totally stupid article featured in Lilith by a whining GenXer complaining that life was not about her. Upset that her husband was capable of doing his job, going on with his priorities on his day to work without interfering with the babysitter, while she seemed not to be able to do the same. It left me thinking "Gee, you missed the important parts of being a princess, the part about responsibility to the people who put you on the throne. The part about accepting the consequences of your own actions, for that matter, the part about having to growup, make choices and then live with them." But that would involve looking at others first now, would it not? The other is trying to articulate how I wound up in the military and medicine.

I am working on a couple of articles to submit to a couple of online Jewish Journals

One is going to be a rewrite of the above. I think I can do that in a direction that they can accept. I realized that part of what irritated me so much about the above article in fall of 2004 was that I had just returned from 15 months away from my family, dealing with separation, taking care of soldiers who were dealing with life altering illness and injuries and here is this sterotypic New York "Princess" whining about having to work a bit harder. That the world is not exactly what she expected and that she has to make some choices that I don't even see as particularly difficult, or life altering, while living comfortably in a large city; little worries about war, famine or bullets and IEDs just around the corner. Her worst concern is her baby sitter or what kind of coffee to order. Hummm, think I can convey that?

Then there are various holidays which are always around the corner.

Finally, I might try to actually describe the balance of work and Jewish mom for the junior troops. Who knows, I might even sell a couple of books in the process.

Other than that

I found my files from the Blue Factory. Those incredibly uncapitalized, unpunctuated and mismash of spelling that they are. For the present, I am first just cleaning up the files and getting rid of the headers and the extra line breaks before I go any farther. The good and the bad thing this time is I know exactly how much time and effort it would take to turn it into a manuscript. A lot, a whole lot.

24 Feb 07 - a couple of the chapters are updated. It takes time and energy that I am not willing to put in at the present, but have promised myself to do a chapter a week. Watch for further developments.

I have added to a couple of pages, updated photos and expanded by adding the Knit and Spin pages, mostly about socks.

Now all I have to do is go back and learn some more coding so that I can fix the .css and have things exactly as I want them.

8 April 2007 - two more of the TFME chapters have been updated. I am continuing to add to the Knit and Spin Pages. More has been added to the Military Medicine Essay. Finally, I am adding one page per month with some extracts out of PanoramastraßeDiary.

More to come

I will add more here when I have more to add. Meanwhile, consider this a placeholder. You can do that now can't you?


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