Kuwait Diary

finally published February 2006 through iUniverse in both eBook format and Trade size paperback. I never did press releases because the Army changed a number of rules after that and I was not sure that I really wanted to draw attention to myself. I started webpages for the younger kids and concentrated on learning about accessibility in webpage building and becoming Queen of Pandemic Influenza (don't ask). You can easily follow the links on the right to my site which will give you all the information about the book plus ordering information.

In general, I strongly recommending going the electronic book route, it was an email journal to begin with and that is certainly the best price.

I have also posted a small collection of downrange pictures on that site

If you really want to know what I have been up to lately, I am attempting to write on a regular basis. The email journal continues to go out through Yahoogroups, but under the name of PanoramastrasseDiary. I should have picked an easier name. Still no blog, it just seems like too much work and feedback? Come on, I listen to people at work. I am interested in what people have to say, From what I have seen on blogs, most of it seems about at the one-two line level of conversations from The Koffee Klatsche from years ago.

For that I should take up bandwidth? Not at this point, maybe in the future. Right about the time I design a template that I like. After I write two more books (both of which are started but stalled), find a job for after retirement, or decide I like housework.


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