Finished Socks - 2008

#1 - Blue Boot Rib - Jan 2008

#39 - 52 Pair Plunge

 Blue ribbedn boot socks.

The yarn is a slightly heavier than regular sock yarn that I knit in a ribbed pattern for boot socks.

#2 - Arch Shaped Socks- Jan 2008

#40 - 52 Pair Plunge

 Arch Shaped Socks Arch Shaped Socks

Knit with Opal yarn in one of the this years striping patterns, I love the fit and look of these socks. The basic pattern is by Jen Showalter and can be found here .

#3 - Odd Ball Miss Match- Jan 2008

#41 - 52 Pair Plunge

 Odd BallSocks Odd Ball Socks The odd ball socks

This is an Opal yarn that I have had since (at the latest) 2000. One sock is knit longways from the original Opal sideways pattern. I don't care for it, so I knit the second as a normal sock. That is not to say that I don't like the colour, I just don't like the back and forth. Once you have grafted something like this, it will never bother you again.

#4 - Simple Braid - Jan 2008

#42 - 52 Pair Plunge

 The First Purple Sock And the pair

Take a ball of Cherry Tree Hill Merino yarn. Place tiny twisted stitch cables down the sides and a 3 strand braid down the back. Now have the pattern come together on the top of the foot. 65 stitches on 2,0mm needles.

#5 - Silver Streak - Feb 2008

#43 - 52 Pair Plunge

 Silver Streak

Knit from Cherry Tree Hill Silver Streak, a wonderful tightly twisted merino sock yarn they will work well with most everything I have. Would you believe black, grey, red, white? 60 stitches on 2,0 mm needles

#6 - Purple Ribe - Feb 2008

#44 - 52 Pair Plunge

 The First Purple Sock And the pair

Having knit myself that wonderful Kauni sweater - Mein Weg - I needed some socks in either dark purple or blues and purples. This yarn was the closest I could come out of stash on hand. Knit in wider rib over 56 stitches, I am messing around with the arch-shaped foot till it is perfect for my feet.

#7 - Blue Slip Stitch - Feb 2008

#45 - 52 Pair Plunge

 Blue Slip Stitch Socks

Just a lovely Merino yarn from Fleece Artist. Slip Stitch pattern and a comfortable fit.

#8 - JaWoll Cotton Socks - Feb 2008

#46 - 52 Pair Plunge

 JaWoll Socks  JaWoll Socks-the detail

Knit from JaWoll Cotton, they are soft and comfortable. The pattern is a basic eyelet with the location alternating in an 8 row overall pattern. 60 stitches over all, on 2,5 needles. If I was going to do this again, I would definitely use 2,0 or 2,25

#9 - Art Yarn Socks - Feb 2008

#47 - 52 Pair Plunge & #7 - Summer of Socks

 The Art Yarn Socks

Sale Yarn - Trekking XXL that I bought from an online German merchant for a really great price. Loud, you might say, and I would agree. Knit over 56 stitches, it combines slip stitch with Jen Showalter's great arch shaped foot.

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