Orphans and Odd-Balls

And a number are here, rather than the WIP or UFO page, just because....

Happy Boot Socks - 1996

Cheerful, but unloved

These were made out of doubled sock yarn. My husband does not always have a sense of humor. He thought they looked like monkey socks and they sort of vanished into his sock drawer.

Odd Socks - 1998

Just plain weird colors

These are decently fitting socks. I am sorry I can not say the same for the color pattern. Even using a contrasting heel and cuff does nothing to disguise the fact that they are just ugly.

Odd Sock Pair - 2002

Odd Sock Pair

These came from a second run ball of Opal that I bought direclty from Wolfgang. He warned me at the time that the dye job was not good, which is why it was something great like 3DM for the ball. I started it from the outside of the ball, and the pattern kept getting stranger and stranger. I wore them for a while in boots. Everyone else in my house just doesn't get the appeal of unique sox!

Odd Socks - 2002

Sad, shrunked sox

Not all socks are machine washable. Unfortunately this basic fact does not seem to occur to those helpful people who, on rare occassions, decide to help me by washing and machine drying my poor defenseless socks. Mohair in socks is especially likely to not enjoy a trip through the washer and dryer

Odd Sock Pair - Fall 2004

Mismatched Pair

These came from a ball of Opal that had large blocks of color. I thought about the effort of matching them up, then just decided to knit the socks as the yarn came out of the ball.

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